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Jupiter Music Store is your source for amplifiers from:

Behringer Logo

Why Beringer?

Uli Behringer established Behringer City in Guangdong Province, China, where 3,000 enthusiastic and dedicated employees live and work. Behringer's application of integrated production principles has heralded a significant increase in efficiency and successful implementation of Total Quality Management.  Behringer is committed to helping musicians all over the world realize their dreams and define their success in the music industry.  Every Behringer product is made under one roof, from the assembly of mixers to the fretwork on guitars, to the fabrication of cabinets and the production of circuit boards! This means tremendous value for your money.

Jupiter Music Store is proud to be a certified seller of Behringer products!

Fender Twin Amp

Fender Guitar & Bass Amps have set the industry standard for decades. They have seen action in virtually every imaginable venue, and remain the 'household' name in rock, jazz, blues  and country music!  From the Twin Reverb to the acclaimed Vibro King, the immortal Bassman (created in the 1950's and still going strong) to the modern day Super Sonics, you just can't get any better than Fender when it comes to amps and guitars!


Marshall Amp

Jupiter Music is now a certified dealer for Marshall Amplifiers. Marshall amps have remained at the top of rock'n'roll amplification for thirty years! Vintage Marshalls sound so warm and pure, and now Marshall Amps is celebrating their 30th anniversary of their valve technology with a limited edition series of amp heads. The Anniversary Series go right back to basics, routing each channel directly through the valve powered heart, allowing it to breathe fully and exude it's warm valve magic. Each of the three channels can be treated now as a separate amplifier! Another brilliant milestone from the leader in rock'n'roll guitar amplifiers!



Jupiter Music Store carries Shure and Behringer Microphines on site.

We can special order other favorite brands such as Sennheiser & Audio Technica.

Every microphone needs a voice!